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New Hampshire and Massachussetts Solar Panel Installation

Turn Your Home Into A Solar Powerhouse

Solar Electric Installations Radiant Electric Raymond NHLet Radiant Electric help you harness the power of the sun for big savings on your energy bill. Our licensed electricians and solar installers have over 25 years of collective experience serving southern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts. Our electricians are highly trained to properly assess your home or business, and present cost effective solutions to improve energy efficiency and assure proper installation of your new solar electric panels. Our company has built a foundation of honesty, integrity, and trust with our dealings with our employees, the suppliers, and most of all – our customers. You can trust Radiant Electric to do the job in a professional manner, to be on time, and remain on budget.

How Solar Electric Works To Save You Money

Who wouldn’t want to have their own personal power plant? Using a solar electric panel technology (also known as Solar PV, short for Solar Photovoltaics) would feel like you have one as it generates most – if not all – of the neccessary electricity your home or office needs. Typically, all you pay for is the connection fee for each month after installation of the solar power! If your home or office generates more power than can be used, you are eligible to receive a credit on your monthly bill that reduces your out-of-pocket monthly expense to a tiny fraction of what you’re paying now. When you need power from the grid at night, your accumulated credits are used before you are billed. This “net zero” set up will effectively reduce your monthly out-of-pocket cost.

Our Award-Winning Solar Energy Services
Are A 3-Way Win

  1. Affordable
    With $0 down and low monthly payments, it’s easy to power your home with renewable energy every day — and save money every month. Radiant Electric continues to develop national and localized partnerships with quality lenders to help home and business owners make their steps towards sustainable energy more cost effective and be a great investment.
  2. Easy
    From estimations to system design, from ongoing maintenance and warranties,
    Radiant constantly monitors the evolving technology behind providing solar electric services.
  3. Installed by Experts
    Radiant Electric’s highly experienced installation experts ensure you’ll enjoy a quality, stress-free system setup and use the .

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