Lighting Repair & Retrofitting

Lighting Repairs

Lighting is an important part in an office setting or business. Unfortunately, light fixtures have to be replaced periodically. When this happens, it’s best to have a reliable and skilled electrician on standby. At Radiant Electric, we offer fast, efficient lighting repairs, and by calling us, you’ll have immediate service from a team of highly trusted professionals. Call Radiant Electric to easily repair lights and other fixtures in your home or office.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofitting is a process of replacing components in lighting systems with parts that make it use energy more efficiently. Such upgrades lead to a reduction of energy use. Typically, the energy savings are significant enough to not only pay for the new equipment but even produce a return on the investment.

At Radiant Electric, we can retrofit your company’s lighting systems to help better promote energy savings. If your business is using older light fixtures and lighting technology, you could be wasting valuable energy – and money. The goal of conserving energy is achieved by reducing energy needs and by using the energy more efficiently. Our lighting retrofit experts will ensure that your interior lighting system is energy efficient and follows current electrical code standards.

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